Ola is extending support in the form of a robust technology platform, to help governments and public service organizations manage their on-ground operations. With a decade of experience in moving hundreds of millions of people around the world, we can help you monitor and react to complex processes in faster, smarter and safer ways.

What can Ola CONNECTS do?

Truck tracking

Real-time tracking and navigation

Truck tracking

Geo-fencing control

Truck tracking

AI-enabled selfie authentication

Truck tracking

Crowd and flow management

Truck tracking


Truck tracking

OTP-based single sign-on

Truck tracking

Provide a fully secure platform

What can Ola CONNECTS be used for?

Emergency Emergency and healthcare support

Incident Incident and information response

Logistics Logistics and vehicle movement

Law enforcement Law enforcement

Supply Supply chain management

Frontline Frontline resource deployment

Ola CONNECTS Dashboard

Where has Ola CONNECTS been used?

Helping the Punjab Mandi Board and over 1.7 million farmers

With social distancing as a government mandate, the Punjab Mandi Board needed a way to monitor and manage the movement of thousands of farmers to and from 3800 mandis. Here’s how we did it:

01 ->

Delivery passes issued basis real-time crowd status

02 ->

Farmers accessed their delivery passes on their Ola app

03 ->

Farmers could be tracked and managed during the delivery


Real-time updates shared with farmers via the Ola app

Crowd control meant social distancing could be effectively maintained with minimum disruption to delivery operations and food supply.

Ola CONNECTS Dashboard