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Add drop location
Accept your request
Track your Kaali Peeli
Now pay for your Kaali-Peeli ride with Ola money and enjoy a cashless experience!
Here’s how:
  1. Download the Ola app: it all starts here.
  2. Recharge Ola money through credit/debit card or online banking.
  3. Book a Kaali- Peeli with the Ola mobile app.
  4. At the end of the trip, you can choose to pay for ride either partially or completely with your Ola money balance.
  5. If you choose to pay with Ola money, mention the amount to the driver. You will then receive an SMS with an authentication code. Here’s the sample sms: “Your authentication code for KRN XXXXXXX is 0000. Your Ola Money bill amount is Rs Z. Kindly communicate the 4 digit code to the driver to proceed with the transaction”.
  6. Share the authentication code with the driver.
  7. Voila! You have now paid for your ride with Ola money.
Please note:
  1. Ola money doesn’t get automatically debited, and the customer has the choice to pay for the ride in cash.
  2. By sharing the authentication code with the driver, you are agreeing to pay the respective amount to the driver in Ola money.
  3. If due to network issue, you don’t receive the SMS, we request to you pay the driver in cash. Your Ola money will not be debited.
Frequently Asked Questions about our Kaali Peeli service:
Book Mumbai’s iconic Black and Yellow Taxis straight from your smartphone, with the Ola mobile app.
Got questions? We’re here to answer!
  1. I see a Kaali Peeli Icon on my app? What is Kaali Peeli?
    Kaali Peeli is the latest service provided by Ola that allows you to book a local black and yellow taxi in Mumbai with just one click! It is just like booking another Ola cab.
  2. Oh great? But I can’t seem to hit RIDE LATER or book it in advance.
    Kaali Peeli is available only for immediate bookings. Same as on the road but without the headache of standing and hailing a cab and bargaining with one.
  3. Can I book a Kaali Peeli through the call centre / website?
    Currently the service is available only on the Ola App.
  4. Will the Kaali Peeli pick me up from my location?
    Yes! Our app will locate the nearest Kaali Peeli for you, and the driver will be notified of your location. The driver may call you to confirm your pickup point and will pick you up right from your doorstep!
  5. Wow! So do I have to pay extra for this service?
    Nope! This service comes to you at absolutely no extra cost. You pay the cab driver in cash as per the meter. You’re welcome.
  6. Will I get an invoice for my ride?
    Umm no. It is just an app booking service. Currently we do not provide billing or invoicing services on Kaali Peelis.
  7. Can I track my ride?
    Yes! All regular booking features of the app work on Kaali Peelis too!
  8. Where can I complain if I have issues with the driver?
    Kaali Peeli is purely a booking service available on the Ola app. We request you to settle all issues relating to the ride with the driver himself/herself.